Designer & Developer
  • Mezura

    Mar ’22

    An iPhone tool to optimize and organize one dimensional cuts.

    React Native

    Mezura is an iOS app which helps users reduce stock material waste in many fields including carpentry, metal welding, tailoring, and LED strip projects.


    • 1D binpacking algorithm is optimized to be able to run on very low-end devices.
    • Share system allows users to “fork” another user’s project and modify.


    Mezura is a product that came to reality while I was working with addressable LEDs for a personal project. The LED strips are shipped as 5 meter rolls and in order to minimize the amount of resoldering I had to rely on a one dimensional binpacking algorithm.

    After some tinkering I was very happy with the tiny program I came up with. Later on I asked a local iron welding business if they thought their production workflow could be optimized further using the same script. The algorithm offered a 13% more efficient pattern on some of their product lines. After that I took the initiative to build an app around my little function.