Designer & Developer
  • Affective UI

    May ’19

    Exploring the concept of user interfaces that respond to facial expressions.

    Video footage recorded by Yasir Düzcan

    For my graduate thesis I focused my research around user interfaces and affective computing, an interdisciplinary field which strives to bring human emotions into computing.

    My thesis stated that given the increasing computing power of microprocessors and the ubiquity of sensors in our devices user emotions will become an indispenseble parameter to consider in the near future.

    Research phase was an exciting opportunity for me to touch the surface of psychology, cognitive science, machine learning, and some emerging interaction design fields such as soma design.

    Looking back, the visual outcomes were a series of prototypes utilizing heart-beat sensors and computer vision, trying (perhaps too hard) to fit emotions into a computer-human interaction without too much context.

    Nevertheless, I learned a lot of things during the process and had the chance to experiment with microcontrollers, sensors, tensors (TensorFlow.js) and some high level feature detection APIs such as face-api.js.